Wednesday, 27 June 2012

did  you  hear  noises  and voices,     windy  trees  that  blow  in the  night  that  give  you  a   fright  visions of  ghosts that  cried in the  middle  of  the night
poem  written by  Mike  Mcdonnell

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

from  the  moment your born, into  this  world , start, growning  up  becoming  a  child  you  go  outside  and into  your  garden  stare  up to  the  night  sky  see the  stars that  brightly shine in the night  sky,  watch  its universe  and  its  moons that  full  the  night  skys
poem  by  mike mcdonnell

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


  did  you go into  the   woods,  you  were  told  not  go  there  but  you  went in ,  you  walked  pass  the  trees  you  then  trod  on  a  twig it  snapped,  you   then  turned  to look  back ,  you  carried on  walking, you  then  looked  up  to  the    the  sky   it  turned  black, you  heard noises you heard  voices you   ran   like  a  frightened rabbit then  you  fell   into  a  well, the  ground  came caving in  you  were  never  seen  again
poem  by  mike mcdonnell